Getting Started

Note: Many of the tools you will be using are made for Windows. If you have OSX or Linux you may want to consider a VM or Dual Boot setup. First, you will set up your project folder. Create a new folder wherever you want, and name it your project name.

Note: Do not use special characters such as "[]+-" in your folder name.

For the rest of the tutorial, I will refer to this folder as Root.

Next, download the latest version of Event Assembler from FE Universe, and place the folder in Root.

You will also want a Hex Editor of some sort installed on your computer. This does not need to be in the Root folder. HxD is a good, free hex editor that is more than enough for our purposes.

Although you can get away with using plain old Notepad, a good text editor such as Notepad++ or Sublime Text will make your life much easier. Personally, I'm quite partial to Sublime Text thanks to its syntax highlighting for Event Assembler code.

Create a new, empty text file in Root. Name it ROM Buildfile.txt. This simple text file will become the backbone of your entire project.

Finally, place your clean ROM in Root. Mine is called FE8_clean.gba but you can substitute whatever yours is.

Your folder structure should look like:

  • Root

    • Event Assembler

    • ROM Buildfile.txt

    • FE8_clean.gba

Now you’re ready to get started!

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