Appendix: Nightmare Module Format

NMM format: # at line[0] means comment, ignore it. blank lines are ignored also. decimal is assumed, 0x for hex, 0 for octal (0b for binary?)

Line 1: file version, ignore it.
Line 2: file description, ignore it.
Line 3: address of table, no 0800:0000h
Line 4: number of entries Line 5: length of each entry
Line 6: text file of entry names, might be useful. Default to numbers if not found
Line 7: tbl file for text, ignore it.

Entry format:

Line 1: Description (use as header row?)
Line 2: Offset
Line 3: Length in bytes
Line 4: Type of data (Only care about H or DU/DS imo)
Line 5: Text file for descriptions, ignore it for now.

NEHU: Numeric Editbox Hexadecimal Unsigned
NEDU: Numeric Editbox Decimal Unsigned
NEDS: Numeric Editbox Decimal Signed
NDHU: Numeric Dropdown Hexadecimal Unsigned
NDDU: Numeric Dropdown Decimal Unsigned

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